IKEA opens pilot second-hand store in Sweden

IKEA's first second-hand store

Location: Estkilstuna, Sweden

MARKET MANAGER, IKEA VASTERAS, JONAS FJALL, AT OFFICIAL OPENING OF STORE, SAYING (Swedish):"At last I'm able to welcome you to the opening of the world's first IKEA second-hand store."

The pilot store aims to help IKEA

become circular and reach climate targets

1. The goods come from local recycling centers

2. They are repaired and restored

3. They are sold at lower prices

(SOUNDBITE) (Swedish) MARKET MANAGER, IKEA VASTERAS, JONAS FJALL, SAYING: "The goal for us here at IKEA is to have moved to a totally circular, sustainable and profitable business model by 2030 and that is everything from how we manufacture our products to how we take care of our products that have been with our customers and see how we can prolong the life of the products."

It will run for a six-month trial period

before being potentially rolled out elsewhere

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