IJN sends in physiotherapists for impromptu exercise session to ease waiting patients’ boredom (VIDEO)

Tan Mei Zi
Outpatients engaging in simple exercises to pass the time in IJN’s waiting room. — Picture via Facebook/IJN.Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 — National Heart Institute (IJN) staff came up with an interesting way to keep patients waiting to see their doctors entertained.

They sent in physiotherapists to hold an impromptu exercise session recently and duly posted photographs of it on Facebook.

The caption stated that IJN’s outpatient centre could get pretty packed with as many as 750 individuals waiting for appointments on the busiest of days.

This is what led to the physiotherapists coming in as such a high volume of patients, it was easy for restlessness and boredom to sink in while sitting around in the waiting room with nothing to do.

The post has received kudos from social media users who praised the idea of getting active rather than scrolling through one’s mobile phone to pass the time.

“You’re the best, IJN. Keep it up. (This helps) ease the physical pain of the long wait, lowers stress, and keeps people entertained,” Rofizah Jusoh commented.

“Wish other hospitals would do the same!” said Zannubah Abdul Jamil.

IJN’s group senior manager of corporate communication Ainalida Mohamad Jamil said this initiative was devised by a special task force focused on elevating the patient experience at the institution.

Clinics with a high volume of patients will usually be aided by IJN staff members who lead impromptu exercise sessions or provide refreshments to make the long wait a little less stressful.

“We want to provide a positive patient experience on our premises and do something that can take their mind off the waiting time.

“We also serve simple refreshments such as coffee, tea, and biscuits. This is because some patients may not feel like going to the cafe because they worry that their number will be called while they’re away,” Ainalida told Malay Mail.

As part of delivering world-class treatment, Ainalida added that IJN staff members take the time to celebrate special occasions with their inpatients and go the extra mile to put a smile on their faces.

“We surprise some of our patients if their birthday falls on the day that they’re still admitted.

“We prepare a birthday gift and balloons as a simple gesture to lift their spirits while they’re still in the ward.”

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