Iftar reunites families torn by war in Syria

STORY: Families torn apart by years of war and displacement meet for an Iftar meal in the Syrian town of Tadef, surrounded by the ruins of destroyed buildings.

"Families were scattered in most of the northern countryside. Today, we are gathered by the Iftar table. Families who have not seen each other for a long time are gathered."

Tadef, located in the country's northwest, is on the frontline between Russian-backed Syrian government forces and Turkey-backed Syrian rebel-held territory. It is now divided between the two sides.

The town has changed hands several times, and was once under Islamic State control. Homes are riddled with bullet holes, and the streets are largely deserted.

Amid the destruction, organisers say nearly 600 families came together on Monday (April 18) to enjoy the Iftar meal and reconnect after a long time apart.

"God blessed us with this gathering. We were displaced five years ago from our town. This Iftar is symbolic because it united the people in the town."

Syrians from all over the country who fled Assad's rule now live in Tadef.

They include people who left Aleppo when its rebel-held districts fell to the government in 2016 after a months-long siege, enforced with Russian help.

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