If not for Felicia Chin, actor Jeffrey Xu says he would have 'spiralled downwards'

The celebrity couple share how they got closer after a 2015 production, and how Felicia helped Jeffrey overcome losing his passion for acting.

Celebrity couple Felicia Chin (right) and Jeffrey Xu having a picnic.
Celebrity couple Felicia Chin (right) and Jeffrey Xu talked about their relationship on Chin’s new YouTube show Let’s Take a Walk. (Photo: Instagram/iamfeliciachin)

It looks like celebrity couple Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu are MFEO - made for each other.

Aside from Chin previously saying that both shared the same ‘mental image’ of them at the Eiffel Tower (which prompted them to explore a relationship), the couple also confessed that their perception of each other started changing when they worked on the 2015 Channel 8 series Life - Fear Not.

On her new YouTube series Let’s Take a Walk, Chin invited husband Xu as her first guest as they visited Pulau Ubin.

During their hike, Chin, 38, recalled how Xu left a “deep impression” on her while filming Life - Fear Not.

“I remember the haze was bad during then, and no one was allowed to go out and exercise. But we were filming nonetheless, and it was an outdoor shoot where we had to cycle. We even took a photo together and I posted on Instagram,” she said, adding that the helmet Xu was wearing had the same colour as the one she’s holding.

“It was during then that I thought you were quite cute,” Chin said as Xu expressed his disbelief.

Chin explained, “It’s true. I didn’t think you were cute previously but from that point, I started feeling otherwise. It could be that photo of your side profile.”

Xu also admitted that he noticed Chin was “different” when he was filming that show. He had worked with her on previous shows but he didn’t interact with her much.

However, on Life - Fear Not, he felt that she had a “different countenance” from before.

The 34-year-old said, “You became chatty and cheery. You brought your positivity to the entire crew. And because I was a pessimistic person then, it was very important to me… So during then, I felt like, ‘Wah, this girl is great. She brings me positivity and it helps me to forget some of my present worries.’”

Jeffrey Xu lost his passion for acting before Felicia Chin helped him

Xu also shared that he lost his passion for acting for a period of time because of the setbacks and the lack of recognition. And, Chin was big part in helping him overcome that dark time as she encouraged him while filming Life - Fear Not.

He recalled, “Ever since I started out up to that time, I have never received encouragement from a colleague. So when you encouraged me, I was surprised. I didn’t know we could encourage each other.

“You entered the industry earlier than I did and your experience was more than mine, and yet you were encouraging me.”

Chin said she had her doubts about sending the text message as she didn’t know if Xu would have found her meddlesome or weird, but she felt that encouragement is important in showbiz.

Xu concurred, “If I didn’t receive your encouragement back then, I might have spiralled downwards.”

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