Idyllic Scene as 'Mama Elk' and Fawn Walk Toward Yellowstone Landmark

A pair of elks and a fawn were spotted taking in a popular Yellowstone tourist site by a local nature enthusiast.

Footage shot by Cindy Shaffer in Gardiner, Montana, shows the “mama elk”, fawn and additional adult elk walking close to Roosevelt Arch, with the stunning Yellowstone landscape in the background.

Shaffer, a Montana native, can’t hide her delight at seeing the trio stroll down the road. According to, the Arch is said to have been the idea of Hiram M Chittenden of the US Army Corps of Engineers. “He felt that the approach to the park was barren and lacked suitable grandeur,” the website notes.

Shaffer regularly posts footage from visits to Yellowstone National Park and the nearby Grand Tetons National Park. Credit: Cindy Shaffer via Storyful

Video transcript

CINDY SHAFFER: I have this mama elk and her little baby here. They were just on the porch at my store in Gardiner. How funny. Just walking down the road.

There goes another one to join them. I just love working here at The Arch. You just never know what you're going to see. It's a beautiful morning. I have to go in the park for deliveries today, so I'm heading to Old Faithful and West Yellowstone.

And there they go. They're probably headed down to Arch Park. They like to hang out down there. Everyone, have a great day.

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