IDF has ‘killed Hamas militant who paraded dead body of murdered tattoo artist,' mother says

IDF has ‘killed Hamas militant who paraded dead body of murdered tattoo artist,' mother says

Israel has killed the Hamas militant who paraded the dead body of a German-Israeli tattoo artist at the Supernova music festival on October 7, the victim’s mother has said.

Shani Louk, 22, was at the peace festival when Hamas attackers killed 260 civilians and kidnapped a number of others last month.

After she was killed, Hamas militants then proceeded to parade her dead body in the back of a car in the Gaza Strip.

Her mother, Ricarda, has now allegedly told US author and TV host Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, that the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has tracked and killed the Hamas militant responsible for the 22-year-old’s death.

Nissim and Ricarda Louk (REUTERS)
Nissim and Ricarda Louk (REUTERS)

“Ricarda Louk revealed to us in her public conversation with me that the Hamas terrorist monster who parades [Shani's] naked body around Gaza, defiling her in the name of Islam, and screaming Allahu Akbar, was killed by the IDF,” Rabbi Boateach said on X.

"That monster is now roasting in hell forever as will the other Hamas savages who perpetrated this massacre.”

“It did not give me relief,” The Times reports her saying during the interview.

“It’s the worst you can think of that can happen to a family member. You can’t understand it.”

The claims have not been officially confirmed, and her mother did not provide any further details. Shani’s body is yet to be returned home from Gaza in order to be buried.

At least 240 people were kidnapped by Hamas militants last month, one of whom was Shani’s boyfriend, Mexican national Orion Hernandez Radoux, 30.

Speaking to Sky News after it was confirmed that Shani had been killed, her brother said that she was a “pure angel”.

Adding: “She loved music. She loved tattoos. She was an artistic person by nature. In the way she was talking and the way she was moving. In the way she danced.”

Just four of the hostages have so far been released, but according to Reuters, Qatari mediators are close to securing a deal which would see a further 50 people released.