“The Idea of You” kissing scenes were so intense that Anne Hathaway gave Nicholas Galitzine a gift to immortalize them

"I have [it] hanging up in my apartment."

While filming their new movie The Idea of You, Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway repeatedly locked lips for the camera — and they were minty fresh each time they did so. In fact, Galitzine says the kissing scenes were so intense that Hathaway gave him a unique gift at the end of filming: a painting of Listerine strips.

"Oftentimes, our intimacy coordinator would come in and give us a Listerine strip," the Red, White and Royal Blue star explained in a British GQ video. "And we used them so much that Annie was kind enough to commission a painting of Listerine strips for me. And now I have that hanging up in my apartment."

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<p>Taylor Hill/FilmMagic</p> Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine attend the premiere of "The Idea of You" on April 29 in New York City.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine attend the premiere of "The Idea of You" on April 29 in New York City.

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Galitzine said he now thinks about the movie "every single time" he sees the product, which is understandable.

Directed by Michael Showalter, The Idea of You centers on Hathaway's character, Solène, a 40-year-old single mom who begins a romance with the 24-year-old lead singer of a popular boy band, played by Galitzine. Despite having very different lifestyles, the sparks fly.

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Hathaway told Entertainment Weekly that she struggled to film the movie's all-important final scene, because she'd fallen ill.

"The most difficult scene for me was that ending, just because it was the end of shoot and I'd gotten really, really sick," Hathaway said. "I was not just running on empty, I'd eaten the tank, and I was just physically [doing] poorly, and I didn't know how I was going to do it. Nick was such a rock."

At one point, she didn't know if she could finish the day. She told her director that she needed energy.

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"And Michael said, 'I know what to do,'" Hathaway explained. "He turned on a piece of music right as he yelled action — because it was a nonverbal part — and [Galitzine] just poured energy in me. I was in the moment and I had exactly enough left for whatever was happening, and I just needed to not blow it. And you just carried us through that and you were so wonderful and you gave me so much to react to."

The Idea of You is streaming now on Prime Video.

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