Icy Conditions Leave Cars Stuck for Hours on Portland Highway

Heavy snow left cars stranded and traffic backed up along Highway 26 in Portland, Oregon, late on Wednesday, February 22, into the early hours of Thursday.

A traffic reporter for KATU News, Mike Warner, said the highway had become an “ice rink” as vehicles struggled to navigate the conditions. He said a 12-car pileup had occurred just west of Jefferson and a school bus had become stuck.

Video showing stopped traffic was filmed by Jonathan Printers Jr, who said it was captured along Highway 26 just before 2 am. He captioned the footage, “Haven’t moved for hours.”

Printers told Storyful he had been stuck on the highway from 8 pm and remained stuck at 3 am.

The National Weather Service said just after midnight on Thursday, “Looks like there’s no stopping this next snow band about to lift through the metro area.” It forecast one to two inches of snow. Credit: Jonathan Printers Jr via Storyful

Video transcript