Iceland's dramatic lava show

This is Iceland's lava show

Location: Reykjanes Peninsula

Icelanders flock to see the rare lava fountains

(SOUNDBITE) (English) PHOTOGRAPHER BASED IN ICELAND, GUNNAR FREYR, SAYING:"It's really nice to be here with a big crowd. After 2020 it's kind of unreal really to be around so many people at one time and I think for myself and for so many other people it's just like a really nice experience to get to have this kind of social vibe really and just get out."

Authorities set up a 2.2-mile long hiking trail

and patrol the area to ensure visitors' safety

Scientists say lava could stop flowing soon

or continue for years to come

(SOUNDBITE)(English) ADVENTURE GUIDE AND BUSINESS WOMAN, EYRUN LYDIA SAEVARSDOTTIR, SAYING:"This is my third time coming to the volcano and I just can't get enough of it."