Icelandic Authorities Warn Volcano Visitors After Three Hikers Injured

Icelandic authorities warned people to avoid the immediate vicinity of the Fagradalsfjall volcano near Reykjavik after three hikers were injured while viewing an eruption on Wednesday, August 3.

According to the Iceland Review, three visitors to the site sustained minor injuries while trekking across the area’s rough terrain. Rescuers said the visitors were “not adequately prepared for the hike,” the outlet reported.

According to the Iceland Meteorological Office, lava began to flow on August 3 following “intense seismic activity." The Thorbjorn Rescue Team said on August 4 that locals had built a new walkway to the volcano for visitors.

This footage captured by Smile Adventure shows lava streaming from the volcano. Credit: @smile_adventure_iceland via Storyful

Video transcript


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