Iceland Volcano: People gather to watch lava run down Mt Fagradalsfjall

Video gives viewers a close look at the incredible sight of lava flowing from the Mount Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. Recorded a day after the highly-anticipated eruption of Mount Fagradalsfjall on March 19, Ramon Larramendi filmed the awe-inspiring scene of lava dribbling down the volcano and melting the rocks in its path. The filmer said: "After a 2-hour walk, I reached the eruption sight. Lava was flowing very close to the people. I must admit that it was the most beautiful and awe-inspiring scene I had ever seen until that point. It looked like a movie set, totally unreal! We rarely think about what we have a few miles under our feet." The recent eruption of Mount Fagradalsfjall was 800 years in the making and was preceded by thousands of earthquakes in the nearby areas.