Ice Washes Against Toronto Lakeshore as 'Extreme Cold' Grips Region

Chunks of ice were crashing against the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto, Ontario, on Tuesday, January 11 as city authorities issued warnings of “extreme cold weather.”

Footage from local resident Laurel Fynes shows ice undulating on the water’s surface at Marie Curtis Park, where Etobicoke Creek meets Lake Ontario. About half a kilometer (0.3 miles) away at Len Ford Park, ice was found accumulating on the shoreline.

The footage from Len Ford Park, shown from about 2:29, was shot on both Tuesday and on Wednesday morning, by which time significant amounts of ice had built up on the shoreline, Fynes told Storyful.

An alert issued by the City of Toronto on Monday warned of extreme cold, and wind chills reached -31 degrees Celsius (-24 Fahrenheit) on the morning of January 11.

The city terminated the alert on Wednesday, but said five warming centers would remain open. Credit: @LaurelFynes via Storyful

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