Ice Spice Kisses Off Rude Fans Who Booed Her Taylor Swift Collab 'Karma'

Ice Spice proved she can keep her cool — even when dealing with an unruly crowd.

On Sunday, the rapper dished out an expert comeback after concertgoers at the Rolling Loud music festival in Austria booed “Karma,” a Taylor Swift song that features her in a 2023 remix.

In a viral video posted on X (formerly Twitter), people in the crowd can be seen putting their thumbs down and booing as the song begins to play.

The “Barbie World” crooner, whose real name is Isis Naija Gaston, turns to the critics and blows a kiss at them before continuing her performance.

X users stepped in to defend Ice Spice and slam the naysayers.

“Karma” was initially released on Swift’s 2022 Midnights album. She dropped the remix in May last year.

The two artists have had nothing but good things to say about each other after they were spotted hanging out at multiple events, including the 2023 MTV VMAs and the 2024 Super Bowl, where Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, took the field with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift gushed about teaming up with Ice Spice in a statement to Variety when the rapper was featured on the September 2023 cover.

“I relate to Ice in many ways, but I think her dedication and focus is what blew me away from the very start,” Swift began her message.

“She’s extremely professional without being cold. Playful and fun without ever taking her eye off the prize,” she added. “She knows what is and isn’t ‘her’ and sets those boundaries with grace. It’s her ability to carefully find that balance that impresses the hell out of me.”

And the feeling seems to be mutual; the “Deli” musician also hyped up Swift to Variety.

“That’s my sis. We was talking about a bunch of things,” she told the outlet of sitting next to Swift at the VMAs. “She’s so funny. We was sipping on a little something something. Just chatting, vibing.”