Ice and Floodwaters Inundate Hay River, Northwest Territories, Amid Evacuations

Flood damage and large chunks of ice were seen in Hay River, located in Canada’s Northwest Territories, on Thursday, May 12, after evacuation orders were issued for residents on Wednesday night.

The town, which sits along the southern shore of Great Slave Lake, where it is flanked by two channels of the Hay River, saw heavy rainfall that flooded the channels and swept large pieces of melting ice into the community, local media said.

On Thursday morning, the CBC reported that a “second surge of water and ice” had driven into the area. This video, recorded by Mary Jane Martin along the Hay River, shows ice littering the town on Thursday afternoon. Credit: Mary Jane Martin via Storyful

Video transcript


- This is on Riverview drive right across to the reserve. It's high, really high. Liquor store is flooded.


Just above my girlfriend's swing. Must be about 30, 40 feet high. [INAUDIBLE] down.