'Ice castle' restaurant in New York begins to thaw

STORY: Freezing weather and blizzards turned this restaurant into an 'ice castle'

The ice provided a protective shell around Hoak's Lakeshore Restaurant

but as it now thaws any damage caused by the storm will become clearer

[Blair Buczkowski, Customer]

"We've been here a lot for dinners and it's amazing food. And it was heartbreaking to know that the ice was covering it. And I was afraid it would be destroyed. I really was, because there's a lot of glass on the front and the deck alone”

Hoak's has been a family business since 1949

[Aileen Hoak-lange, Co-owner, Hoak's]

"Sometimes it can be a good thing because you get people who just want to get there and see the ice castle and how magical it looks. And so, for some people, it looks magical. For business owners, it is not so magical all the time. You know, it's nerve-racking. Sometimes you get people just to come and watch and they don't necessarily come in. You just wanna say, 'Well, come in for a cheeseburger, a pint and enjoy it.' "