Ibiza locals to protest 'mass tourism' after similar rallies in Canary Islands

Ibiza locals to protest 'mass tourism' after similar rallies in Canary Islands

Residents of Ibiza are preparing to join the growing anti-tourism protests across the country.

An activist group called Prou Eivissa (Enough Ibiza) is urging locals to protest on May 24 for restrictions on tourism to the popular Spanish party island.

This follows similar protests in other tourist hotspots like Tenerife, where locals have gone on hunger strikes to express their frustration.

A spokeswoman for Prou Eivissa said the group was “in no way against British tourism” but that it was fighting against the “type of tourism attracted to our island”.

“We are in no way against British tourism, on the contrary,” Xaquelina Ana Perry said.

“We welcome anybody who wants to enjoy our local culture, gastronomy, local traditions, beautiful beaches and covers.

“We are only against the massification of the type of tourism attracted to our island. The island is saturated, especially with illegal renting and our 572 square kilometres cannot take anymore,” she added.

The Mediterranean island and its southern sister island, Formentera, attract millions of tourists annually.

Despite its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and efforts to promote it as a family-friendly destination, it is best known for its vibrant nightlife and summer electronic dance music scene.

As a result, the island has struggled with its image, gaining a reputation for drug use and dealing, which caters to its party tourism.

In a statement, Prou Eivissa said it was advocating for “a sustainable balanced future for the well-being and growth of the local people in unison with a type of tourism which wishes to respect and enjoy the diversities of this beautiful island.”

In order to achieve this, the activists are calling on officials to introduce a law that limits vehicle entries and a set of measures that ensure “the maintenance of the tourist moratorium, incentives for hoteliers to reduce capacity, [...] protect residents and crack down on illegal renting.”

“We consider it essential to achieve a balance between residents and tourists, and therefore we believe that the legitimate expression of the people of Ibiza can guarantee a sustainable future for all,” the statement added.

“We urge families, youths, adults or anyone who appreciates a respectful life and wishes to be treated with respect, to come and make their presence felt so that the authorities truly feel the pressure that makes us say: Ibiza cannot take anymore!”