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I shop for a living, and I'm in love with this roll-up dish rack — it's down to $20 at Amazon

It's also a cookie rack, taco holder, veggie strainer and so much more.

After five years together, I'm still madly in love ... with my dish rack. This is no ordinary rack. It's multitalented and quite easy on the eyes. My Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Rack — on sale for just $20 — rolls out in a snap to dry my hand-washables over the sink, which was all I used it for at first. That was plenty. But I soon realized my Surpahs can double as a food strainer, kid-art dryer, trivet, laundry rack and so much more! It can even act as extra counter space for food prep and as a cooling rack for cookies.

This roll-up strainer/drainer/hot plate/counter-space-maker will save your kitchen sanity.

$20 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

This minimalist wonder is on sale for $20 for the size I have (17.5" x 13.1"), $22 for the next size up (20.5" x 13.1") and $23 for the largest size (20.5" x 15.5") — that's nearly 40% off, depending on which one you choose. (The smallest size is not currently on sale, but costs just $10.) The price of the model I own hasn't dipped lower since last spring, so if you're considering it, now would be a good time to add it to your cart.

author's sink with a drying rack on one side
Snapshot of my well-loved kitchen savior. Hasn't aged a bit in five years. (Libby Sentz/Yahoo)

Why do I need this?

The primary use for this roll-up dish rack is to drip-dry dishes. It completes this task without the eyesore of a big clunky rack or the eventual ickiness of a mat.

When I need to reclaim my sink space, I simply roll it to the side. When it needs a cleaning, I pop it in the dishwasher. Several friends have praised my strainer, and I was slow to take the hint. But I finally purchased more as gifts!

a drying rack with dishes on it
A true space-saver. (Amazon)

Because it's food-safe and heat-resistant, you can use this surface for so many purposes, from thawing to cooling. Plus, Amazon shoppers (myself, included) love the minimalist look. It's sleek unrolled, but disappears in a snap when you want it to.

Oh, and if you're searching for a better way to dry your unmentionables, look no further.

dish rack with dishes of fruits and vegetables and a person cutting cucumbers on a cutting board on the rack
Who needs another work surface in their kitchen? Everyone, that's who! (Amazon)

What reviewers say

I'm not alone in my love for this rack. It's earned 4.8 stars and more than 30,000 five-star ratings.

One five-star fan said: "My dish-drying mat always gets crusty with the calcium buildup from the water that drips from the washed dishes/cups/pots/pans. Now I wash them, then lay them down on this mat over the sink, so any water that drips while drying goes in the sink, saving me untold hours cleaning the other countertop drying mat."

But this shopper doesn't stop at dishes. They continued: "It's also great for washing produce. You can put the clean produce on this rack to dry. Really sturdy too, and the size is just perfect — not too big, not too small. I can use it both lengthwise and widthwise over my sink."

"So much more than a dish drainer," wrote another shopper. "I baked a cake and used it for a cooling rack. ... It will hold tacos while you fill them ... It is strong enough to put your turkey in the pan, put the pan on the dish drainer and stuff/fix your turkey for cooking."

a person rolling up the rack over the sink
Rack 'n' roll! (Amazon)

One customer who gave it an "A+" wrote: "It's sturdy, holding my heaviest cast-iron skillets, mixing bowls, etc., and yet it rolls up for storage or can be folded halfway to the side for sink use. I leave it out all the time, and items air-dry quickly due to the open-air nature."

As one savvy shopper said: "I bought this for an over-the-laundry-room-sink place to lay out sopping wet swimsuits ... Heavy, durable, shockingly attractive and rolls up to nothing for storage. I will get a second for my kitchen and ditch the drain rack that never gets emptied. Warm gray color is gorgeous and matches anywhere in my house."

"If you use it for plates, they have to be laid flat, with any additional ones propped against each other," noted a final fan. "So, this is not a rack that would necessarily work for multiple dinner dishes too fragile for a dishwasher, or as a go-to rack for folks who don't have a dishwasher and are feeding a lot of people. That having been said, it's wonderful for glasses and other items."

So many uses, I tell you! Perhaps you'll discover a new one.

Over 30,000 Amazon customers are loving it, and so will you!

$20 at Amazon

Another kitchen space-saver Amazon shoppers are obsessed with? The StoveShelf:

This magnetic shelf goes right over your range to store spices, gadgets, condiments and other kitchen staples, all while keeping your precious countertops clear.

"What a lifesaver!" exclaimed one rave reviewer. "I got sick and tired of things falling behind my stove because there was a gap between it and the wall behind. This is the perfect size, holds quite a bit, sturdy and literally required ZERO assembly! Highly recommend!"

$40 at Amazon

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