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'I can hear the TV again': Snag this easy-to-use wireless headset for over $40 off

Do you struggle to hear dialogue on TV? That may be because shows aren't balanced as they should be — explosions seem to take center stage over conversation. If you're tired of cranking the volume to the max or turning on subtitles just to make out what's being said on screen, you might consider the TV Ears Wireless Headset System. This popular option makes it easy to adjust the sound and hear what's happening without deafening the entire house. Right now, you can pick up a set on sale for $129 (down from $170) — and there are lots of other options available too.

Created with people with hearing loss in mind, these dedicated TV headphones use Voice Clarifying Circuitry, powered by an advanced microchip that's designed to make it easier to hear conversation and dialogue on screen.Designed with the hard of hearing in mind, these dedicated TV headphones use Voice Clarifying Circuitry — a proprietary information that makes it easier to hear conversation and dialogue on screen. 

$142 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

While this isn't the absolute rock-bottom price this headset has ever been, it's still a crazy-good discount. It's a great starting point for TV watchers with hearing loss, and a lot less expensive than alternatives — a surround sound system, for example.

Why do I need these?

If you struggle to hear the telly, this headset can be a game changer. They're easy to set up and install (and if you do struggle, many reviewers report that the company is very customer-focused). Once connected, simply use the large knob control to control the volume and a second knob to control tone. Adjust to your liking — no one else will be able to hear since the earbuds rest in your ears.

As you listen to your TV Ears, the sound will continue to play at the normal volume for everyone else, which means no more arguments about volumes that are uncomfortable for some and too low for others. Ahhh. The company says the device works flawlessly with all TVs, ranging from modern cutting-edge models to older, analog devices.

The headset gets six hours of playback time with just a quick charge, although an initial charge time of 14 hours is recommended upon setup. For the audiophiles out there who want numbers, it has an audio frequency response of 20 to 20,000Hz and a max SPL of 120db.

a couple watching TV with TV Ears
These TV Ears can help you make out what characters onscreen are saying without blowing out your speakers.

What reviewers say

"Love these. I can hear the TV again. I don't have to turn the TV up so loud anymore," one reviewer said — and isn't that what everyone is looking for?

Another shopper commented on the customer service: "We couldn’t hook them up to the TV because we are technically challenged. I called TV Ears and they told me exactly what to do, and it took minutes to get them working. [My husband] says they work great and he likes them better than the old ones. TV Ears registered them for me over the phone. They have a very good warranty. The man asked me not to hesitate to call again if we have any issues. The company is very customer-oriented."

Another spouse said, "They work great and I love them. I can have the TV volume normal now. We can both hear what is being said. Easy to hook up. Had good directions. The only downside is if I say something to him he can't hear me without removing the earpiece. The benefit greatly outweighs this small downside. I just wave at him to get his attention if I want to say something. Well worth the price."

Shoppers love how uncomplicated these are: "We bought an expensive Bluetooth device from the hearing aid company to send the TV audio signal to my mom's hearing aids, but it was too complicated for her to use with the Cross hearing aid setup. I tried the TV Ears Digital Wireless Headset and now she can hear all the dialogue perfectly and is back to watching her news and shows.?

Over 2,000 five-star reviewers swear by these audio-enhancing wireless TV cans.

$142 at Amazon

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