For Hyundi, the car of the future also promises impeccable onboard hygiene

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Hyundai presents the Seven concept, which stands out for its novel approach to hygiene inside the cabin.

Trends already show that the car of the future will be non-polluting and sustainable. But it could also be particularly clean, with sophisticated air purification and cabin sterilization systems, as Hyundai is demonstrating with its latest concept car.

At the AutoMobility show in Los Angeles, California, Hyundai has unveiled a brand-new concept called the Seven, which stands out thanks to its sustainable materials and, above all, its hygiene-related features. With the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, it looks like the car of tomorrow will be cleaner than ever.

This new electric SUV concept includes an air purification system directly inspired by the sophisticated air flow management systems used onboard aircraft. In vertical mode, air enters through air intakes in the roof rails, then flows from above to below before being extracted through the exterior vent behind the rear wheels. In horizontal mode, air flows between the slim dashboard and the rear vents.

Similarly, a UVC sterilization system is activated once passengers have left the vehicle. The control stick, the first row seat storage drawer and the speakers pop up, before sanitizing UV lights ensure that any bacteria and viruses potentially present in the cabin are eliminated.

For the rest, Hyundai says it used organic exterior paint, and recycled and renewable materials to design the entire interior, from mineral plaster to bamboo to resin. Even the carpeting and interior paint are from renewable sources. The South Korean manufacturer even uses antibacterial textiles in the cabin. Note that this concept offers a modular interior space, with, for example, swivel chairs and a curved bench seat that can be customized according to whether or not you're driving in fully autonomous mode.

Note that Hyundai's all-electric Ioniq range aims to be carbon-neutral by 2045.

David Bénard

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