Hyderabad Police to take strict action against lockdown violators

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 11 (ANI): Additional Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, Anil Kumar has said that strict action will be taken against those violating lockdown rules.

Kumar said the the governement is particular about the strict implementation of the lockdown.

He said that with relaxations given, all establishments should be closed by 6 pm and people must reach home before 7 pm as per rules.

"All our check posts are still functioning. There are 75 check posts in the city. After the Telangana Government gave certain relaxations for running of business activities, economic activities, construction activities, IT related sectors, government offices, postal service...naturally the number of vehicles on the road has increased but our enforcement has not come down," Kumar told ANI.

"Yesterday, we ceased 2,200 vehicles which were moving unnecessary without any genuine cause," Kumar said.

"The government is very particular that 7 pm to 7 am lockdown should be implemented strictly. Yesterday night, we ceased 220 vehicles in Hyderabad itself. I request the public to ensure that after 7 pm, nobody should come out on road. All the business establishments allowed to run should be closed by 6 pm and the people involved must reach home before 7 pm," he added.

He said that they will be strict with violators and noted that people should keep in mind that government has given limited relaxation for work. (ANI)