Hyderabad girl sets two world records in different disciplines

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Nov 23 (ANI): PDV Sahruda, an eight-year-old student has several record-breaking achievements; the girl has set two world records, approved by Elite World Records LLC, USA.

They are -- the most number of Origami models (102) by an individual (minor-female) in 20 minutes, and most number of Ceramic tiles (350) broken by an individual (minor-female), in 20 minutes. The previous record in the ceramic tile category was 262, set by a North Korean record holder.

Sahruda, speaking to ANI said: "I have attempted 3 world records and broke 2 world records and several national and state records. I have been learning karate for the past one year and achieved a Green Belt. For the ceramic tile event, I practised breaking the tiles, which are 5 mm thick, with my teacher. Also attempted to break another record in colouring and Origami models."

Ashwini Anand, Sahruda's Trainer speaking to ANI said: "I am Black Belt second degree WKU World Champion 2017. My motto is to train as many girls and women. Now I am preparing Sahruda for World Championship and further achievements. This is just a beginning for her, I am expecting more. Nowadays, self-defence is most important for each and every child. Every person must make it a part of their lives to stay fit." (ANI)