Hurricane Ida Leaves New Orleans Flooded and Damaged

Parts of New Orleans were left flooded and damaged by Hurricane Ida on August 30, a day after the intense storm tore into southern Louisiana.

The hurricane was carrying winds of up 145 mph, or 235 km/h when it made landfall on Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The storm weakened into a tropical depression on Monday, bringing flooding rain to Mississippi, and was expected to bring dangerous weather to Tennessee later in the week.

These videos were posted to Instagram by Jordan Michael, who was assisting with relief efforts in the city.

“In the wake of Hurricane Ida, communities that have the right tools, and hearts to serve one another, can make a profound impact. I’m honored to partner my campaign resources & personnel with @algiersproud, in the development of an innovative Relief Hotline that has already handled over 20,000 text messages for needed aid & assistance,” Michael told Storyful. Credit: Jordan Michael/jordaneworleans via Storyful

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