Hurricane Eta Threatens Small Nicaraguan Island

Hurricane Eta battered Nicaragua on November 3, killing at least two people and causing widespread damage, local media reported.

Confidencial said two miners died due to a landslide caused by the heavy rain in the municipality of Bonanza. The storm also killed at least one person in Honduras, local media reported.

This footage, posted to Instagram by Café Desideri, on Nicaragua’s Little Corn Island, was recorded when the beach in front of the restaurant was eroding. Heavy winds knocked over trees and power lines, according to the uploader.

Nicaragua’s National System for the Prevention, Mitigation and Attention of Disasters said the hurricane had degraded to a tropical storm on Wednesday morning.

Local news reported that Florida is in Eta’s path as the storm reaches the United States.

“Eta is leaving a path of destruction in her wake; I am scared of what we may wake up to tomorrow morning,” Café Desideri said in their post. Credit: @cafedesideri via Storyful