Hurricane Agatha devastates Mexico's Oaxaca state

STORY: Hurricane Agatha has left scenes of devastation across southern Mexico.

The death toll from the storm has risen to nine, state authorities in Oaxaca said on Wednesday, and it could rise further as four people remain missing.

Agatha made landfall as a Category 2 hurricane on Monday afternoon.

Packing winds of 105 miles per hour, it touched down near the beach town of Puerto Angel.

Local residents in the area have seen their homes and businesses devastated.

This restaurant owner said a lot of her utensils, including two fridges, have been lost.

“Our investment is gone now, yes, everything went to the sea, and it affects us a lot.”

Others are returning to find their homes completely destroyed, and are facing food and water shortages.

There's also a lack of fuel, electricity, and telecommunications services.

Some tourists are stranded:

“Yeah, I can't get in touch with my family, there's no service, or signal, or Wi-Fi, or internet or anything, so the last message that I sent to my family was on Saturday…yeah, just to say there was a hurricane and so they know there was a hurricane, but they don't know where I am or anything since Saturday, so four days.”

The U.S. National Hurricane Center warned on Wednesday morning there was an 80% chance that a cyclone would form in the Atlantic from Agatha's remnants in the next 48 hours.

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