Hunters' Greg Austin talks about that brutal bowling scene

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Amazon's new series Hunters stands out for a few reasons, 1) it's about Nazis infiltrating American society and government, which is quite similar to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and 2) it's really quite violent.

The first episode sets the pace for the show in terms of brutality with a scene involving a bowling ball that we think may be the standout moment over time.

In the scene, Greg Austin's character Travis goes to see a politician at a bowling alley in order to persuade him to change his mind regarding an important bill. His methods involve him grabbing a bowling ball and using it to bash in the faces of the politician's friends.

Now that's not very friendly is it Travis.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

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Speaking about the scene, Austin told Digital Spy and other media: "That was my audition scene. That was one of the scenes that I got through to get the role. And it was my first day on set, as well, doing that scene.

"So, coming onto set, and being very English obviously, with a whole American cast and crew, was pretty intimidating. But they were all super-supportive, and helped me through it.

"There were some really interesting shots in that scene. There's one scene where I'm with this bowling ball, and I've just beaten this guy's face in, which is a fake bowling ball, when I'm crushing it against his face. But there's one continuous shot where it goes, I talk to the Congressman, and then I bowl this thing.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

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"I spent the whole time doing this. I've got this fake bowling ball in my hand. I'm passing it between my legs, and getting the real one at the same time. I'm juggling all these things. And then I have to bowl it. And I got a strike on that first take."

Sitting alongside him, producer Nick Toscano revealed that that take was so amazing it was the one they eventually used in the show, to which Austin replied: "That was a moment. That was a pretty good moment".

Hunters is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video.

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