Hunter Biden has joined White House meetings with the president in recent days, report says

Hunter Biden has joined White House meetings with the president in recent days, report says
  • Hunter Biden in recent days has become more involved in meetings at the White House, per NBC News.

  • While Hunter Biden is no stranger to the residence, his presence at meetings is a new development.

  • The report comes as President Biden's debate performance is forcing him to defend his reelection bid.

This past weekend, President Joe Biden went to Camp David for a family gathering that had been planned before his widely panned debate performance against former President Donald Trump.

While at the presidential retreat, Biden's family urged him to remain in the 2024 race amid some Democratic consternation over his chances this fall, with presidential son Hunter Biden being one of the most vocal advocates of his father remaining the party's nominee.

And in recent days, Hunter Biden has upped his presence at the White House, advising his father and taking part in meetings with him alongside high-level aides, according to NBC News.

Per NBC News, Hunter Biden has also been spotted conversing with other top-level White House staffers.

Hunter Biden is no stranger to the White House residence, but he has generally not taken part in meetings involving the president's work.

The development comes just weeks after Hunter Biden, who for years has been fodder for GOP attempts to paint the presidential family in an unflattering light, was recently convicted on felony gun charges.

The president checks in with Hunter Biden often and has steadfastly supported him, especially when Hunter Biden in the past has battled alcohol and drug addiction.

An individual who spoke with CNN about Hunter Biden's increased presence at the White House this week said he "popped into" a few meetings and calls that his father held with several advisors.

Two individuals with knowledge of Hunter Biden's plans remarked that he stayed in Washington to partake in Independence Day festivities with his family later in the week.

White House senior deputy press secretary Andrew Bates in a statement to NBC News said that Hunter Biden returned with his father from Camp David and "went with the President straight into speech prep," referencing Joe Biden's remarks on Monday where he blasted the US Supreme Court's ruling on presidential immunity.

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