Hungry squirrel performs perfect 'Cookie Monster' imitation

Squirrels are among the cheekiest of all the creatures that we are likely to see at the back yard bird feeders. And as adorable and entertaining as they are, they often take more than their share of the food that we put out for our little feathered friends. This squirrel is the boss of this feeder, commanding respect with his size and agility, chasing away all who would dare to land here and try to carry off a peanut. Even the blue jays wait their turn when he arrives and takes his position on the platform where the food is piled. But, despite his dominance and relaxed attitude, he eats in such a hurry that the shells of the peanuts fly and fall all around him. He nibbles like he is on a tight schedule to get at the nuts inside the shell. We cannot help but be reminded of that lovable character, Cookie Monster, on the timeless television show, Sesame Street. Cookie monster devoured his snacks with enthusiasm and a complete disregard for tidiness, just like this furry little fellow. This back yard feeder in Millbrook, Ontario, Canada, was set up initially to provide the neighbourhood crows with a little help getting through the winter. A veterinarian and her family raised a family of orphans when their nest fell from the tree and they were abandoned by their parents. She supplemented their food after they were released and adopted by the wild crows in the area. Ten years later, the ones that relied on this family for help, still come back and occasionally call out a very human-like "hello", as they learned to do when they were being hand fed. Other crows frequent this feeder as well, along with song birds of all kinds. Although the squirrels here are greedy enough to take a large share, there is always more than enough food for the furry animals, as well as the feathered ones.