'Hungry' Bear Munching on Doorbell Camera in California Accidentally Rings it Twice

A seemingly hungry bear chomped on a doorbell camera in Pine Grove, California, accidentally ringing it twice, video recorded on November 20 shows.

Footage shared by Hunters Creek Farm shows the bear getting up close to the doorbell camera, first inspecting it before trying to take a bite.

After being put off momentarily by the doorbell, the bear goes in for seconds, but the bell rings again and scares the bear off for good.

Jason Keith Hunter, who runs the Hunters Creek Farm YouTube channel, told Storyful that he’s “had bears and mountain lions and other wildlife pass by in the past, but [none] have stopped to say hello.”

“My kids laughed and said he just wants a seat at the Thanksgiving dinner table, he’s hungry too and getting ready for hibernation,” Hunter added. Credit: Hunters Creek Farm via Storyful

Video transcript