“The Hunger Games” cast: See where Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and more actors are now

The odds were absolutely in their favor.

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett </p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett

When The Hunger Games premiered in 2012, it seemed like everyone was donning mockingbird pins and whistling the famous four-note tune. Based on the first book in Suzanne Collins’ bestselling YA series, The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian future where the all-powerful Capitol asserts dominance over the nation by staging a battle royale each year, pitting children from each district against each other in a televised fight to the death.

The film’s heroine is teenager Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), who volunteers to take her younger sister Primrose’s (Willow Shields) place in the competition. She soon teams up with the other District 12 tribute, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). As the stakes get higher, Katniss finds herself not only fighting to survive, but also to defy the corrupt Capitol.

The film was famous for its iconic love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and her best friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth), but the heroine-centered story also inspired many young girls.

The Hunger Games was an instant success, with three hit sequels following suit in 2013, 2014, and 2015. The franchise recently expanded with the 2023 prequel film, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (2023), which follows President Snow’s (Tom Blyth) rise to power as a young man. The new movie helped spark a Hunger Games renaissance, making now a great time to revisit the original film that started it all.

Here’s where The Hunger Games cast is now.

Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen)

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Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Karwai Tang/WireImage

After the premiere of The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen — the unwitting catalyst of a budding revolution — had children and teens braiding their hair and taking archery lessons. For Lawrence, the role launched her to superstardom.

A few years before becoming a household name, she was a suburban sitcom daughter on The Bill Engvall Show (2007–2009). But it was the noir-tinged, Ozarks-set thriller Winter’s Bone (2010) that officially put her on the map. Lawrence landed her first Academy Award nomination for the role, picking up SAG and Golden Globe nods along the way.

Lawrence was also a part of another successful film franchise as the shapeshifting mutant Mystique in X-Men: First Class (2011). She later reprised the role in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), and Dark Phoenix (2019).

The same year The Hunger Games made her a star, another movie made her an Oscar winner. As the impulsive misfit Tiffany in David O. Russell’s crowd-pleasing romance Silver Linings Playbook (2012), Lawrence won Best Actress, showed off her comedic chops, and proved herself as a true A-lister beyond YA audiences. She reunited with Russell for American Hustle (2013), stealing every scene on her way to another Oscar nomination — and victories at the Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

After reprising her role as Katniss in the sequel Catching Fire (2013), Lawrence concluded the character’s story in the series’ final two installments, Mockingjay — Part 1 (2014) and Mockingjay — Part 2 (2015). Lawrence even gave us a taste of her singing voice in “The Hanging Tree,” which was featured in Part 1. The song peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

With her Panem days behind her, Lawrence headlined Joy (2015), a fictionalized biopic of Joy Mangano, inventor of the self-wringing mop. The film earned her a third Golden Globe and yet another Oscar nomination. She followed that up with the spaceship thriller Passengers (2016) alongside Chris Pratt.

The actress took on darker roles in Darren Aronofsky’s surreal horror film Mother (2017) and the spy thriller Red Sparrow (2018), then embraced her comedic side again in the political satire Don’t Look Up (2021) and raunchy comedy No Hard Feelings (2023).

Nearly a decade after The Hunger Games series ended, Lawrence still keeps in touch with her costars. At the 2024 Golden Globes, she reunited with Lenny Kravitz, who played Cinna in the first two movies.

“If we had met each other in any different circumstance, we would still be best friends,” Lawrence told EW in 2015 about the Hunger Games cast. “And our love is as close to unconditional as it gets because there's no fear between us because we love each other so much. There's no fear in our love.”

In 2019, Lawrence married art gallery director Cooke Maroney. The couple welcomed their first child, Cy, in February 2022.

Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Manoli Figetakis/Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Manoli Figetakis/Getty

In case you haven’t heard, we are currently experiencing a Josh Hutcherson Renaissance (a Hutcherssance, if you will). With the resurgence of The Hunger Games series, the actor starring in two new hit movies, and the hilarious whistle edit meme, the internet is going crazy for all things Hutcherson.

Before his portrayal as the boy with the bread, Hutcherson starred in many films at a young age. His early voice work includes The Polar Express (2004) and Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle (2004). He also played lovestruck fifth-grader Gabe in the rom-com Little Manhattan (2005), acted opposite a pre-Twilight Kristen Stewart in Zathura (2005), and starred alongside Robin Williams in RV (2006).

Hutcherson starred in the YA tearjerker Bridge to Terabithia (2007) and began dabbling in the action genre when he starred in Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) alongside Brendan Fraser. He later reprised his role in the sequel, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012), this time with Dwayne Johnson. Between those CGI adventures, he landed a major dramatic role in the Best Picture-nominated The Kids Are All Right (2010), holding his own against Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, and Mia Wasikowska. He also had one of the leading roles in the remake of Red Dawn (2012).

And then along came the role of Peeta Mellark, which changed his life and career. “I shot the first Hunger Games when I was 18," he told EW in 2024. "Eighteen to 22 were my university years. That was my college. The movies were so fun to make and then the press tours were just wild. Me and Jen and Liam experienced a quantum shift in our notoriety, and having people there by your side that have a similar lived experience made it more enjoyable and more sane than if we were doing it on our own.”

After a couple of post-Peeta years spent under the radar, Hutcherson took on the lead role in the Hulu sci-fi series Future Man (2017–2020), portraying a time-traveling janitor.

His movie credits in recent years include the thriller Burn (2019) and the action thriller 57 Seconds (2023), alongside Morgan Freeman. But his re-emergence into the spotlight took hold with the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s (2023), based on the popular horror video game. It was a major box office success, bringing in over $291 million worldwide. He then played the villain in The Beekeeper (2024) opposite Jason Statham, sporting a blonde perm and funky-colored clothing (it’s quite the look).

Hutcherson is currently dating actress Claudia Traisac, whom he met in 2013 when costarring in Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014).

Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Matt Jelonek/Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Matt Jelonek/Getty

As Katniss’ best friend and confidant in District 12, Gale encourages her to rebel against the Capitol and join the revolution. He also harbors romantic feelings for her, which drives the series’ iconic love triangle.

Audiences first took notice of Hemsworth when he starred in the Nicholas Sparks romantic drama The Last Song (2010) with Miley Cyrus. The two costars soon began an on again off again relationship, married in 2018, separated in 2019, and divorced in 2020.

Hemsworth appeared with a who’s-who of action stars in The Expendables 2 (2012) and in the crime drama Empire State (2013) alongside Dwayne Johnson and Emma Roberts. He also continued to play Gale throughout The Hunger Games franchise.

Unlike Lawrence, he didn’t have to do any singing, but he did have some encouraging words for his costar. “She was so worried about it, I assumed that she must have a bad voice,” Hemsworth told EW in 2015. “And she did it, and I'm like, ‘Jen, it's actually good.’ She's like, ‘Shut up!’”

Hemsworth returned to his native Australia to play Kate Winslet’s love interest in the drama The Dressmaker (2015). After The Hunger Games series ended, he appeared in the long-anticipated sequel Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) and starred in the Rebel Wilson rom-com Isn’t It Romantic (2019). In 2022, Henry Cavill announced that Hemsworth would be taking on the role of Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming fourth season of The Witcher.

Hemsworth has been dating model Gabriella Brooks since 2019.

Woody Harrelson (Haymitch Abernathy)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Kate Green/Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Kate Green/Getty

The former District 12 victor Haymitch sobers up just enough to mentor Katniss and Peeta. He quickly proves he’s more than a drunk, becoming an unexpectedly loyal ally who helps the pair survive.

Woody Harrelson had an extensive career long before The Hunger Games. He joined the iconic sitcom Cheers during its fourth season in 185, playing bartender Woody Boyd. Years after the show’s end in 1993, he reprised his role in one episode of the spinoff series Frasier (1999). During the final years of Cheers, Harrelson became a bankable movie star, headlining hits like White Men Can’t Jump (1992) and Indecent Proposal (1993). He and Juliette Lewis played a serial killer couple in Oliver Stone’s wildly controversial media satire Natural Born Killers (1994). Harrelson earned his first Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of infamous pornographer Larry Flynt in The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996).

Harrelson’s other genre-spanning credits include A Scanner Darkly (2006), No Country for Old Men (2007), Semi-Pro (2008), Zombieland (2009), and The Messenger (2009), for which he earned his second Oscar nomination.

Shortly before landing the role of Haymitch, Harrelson showed off his range with a pair of very different performances as a gay sportswriter in the rom-com Friends with Benefits (2011) and as a brutally violent cop in the gritty drama Rampart (2011).

During his time in the Hunger Games franchise, he continued to deliver on both the big and small screens with roles in Now You See Me (2013) and the first season of True Detective (2014).

Once the series came to an end, Harrelson played the grumpy yet lovable high school teacher Max Bruner in the coming-of-age comedy The Edge of Seventeen (2016) and reprised his role of hypnotist Merritt McKinney — in addition to playing the character’s eccentric twin brother — in Now You See Me 2. He followed that with one of the most acclaimed 1-2 punches of his career: as the villainous Colonel in War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) and as the chief of police in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017), which landed him his third Academy Award nomination.

Harrelson joined the Star Wars universe by playing conniving thief Tobias Beckett in Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), then reprised his role of Twinkie-loving apocalypse survivor Tallahassee in Zombieland: Double Tap (2019). Harrelson took on the role of the villain Carnage in the Venom (2018) sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021).

In 2023, Harrelson played CIA officer E. Howard Hunt in the HBO miniseries White House Plumbers, a political satire about the Watergate scandal. That same year, he starred in the sports comedy Champions (2023), where he coaches a basketball team for people who have learning disabilities. A few months later, he helmed the Hulu film Suncoast (2024).

In 2008, Harrelson married Laura Louie, whom he met when she became his personal assistant in 1987. The couple has three daughters: Zoe, Deni, and Makani.

Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Karwai Tang/WireImage</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Karwai Tang/WireImage

Elizabeth Banks portrayed the eccentric Capitol escort for the District 12 tributes. Effie is out of touch with life outside the cushy Capitol and often finds herself at odds with Katniss.

Banks was a big fan of Collins’ book series and reached out to director Gary Ross about playing the role of Effie Trinket in the film adaptation. “I always saw her as a very three-dimensional, very unique character. Even in the book she can be written off as sort of comic relief,” Banks told EW in 2012. “But what I love about Effie is she's this great representative of the Capitol and all the Capitol stands for. She drank the Kool-Aid. So essentially she's a villain — a really fun villain, but a villain nonetheless. The challenges for me were how to make her theatrical and larger than life but also fit into the tone of this movie, which is very serious.”

Banks had made a name for herself long before The Hunger Games raised her profile. In 2001, Banks flexed her comedy muscles in the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer as magazine writer and undercover camp counselor Lindsay. She then portrayed Daily Bugle staff member Betty Brant in Spider-Man (2002), reprising the role in Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007). Banks later reunited with Spider-Man costar Tobey Maguire in the horse-racing drama Seabiscuit (2003).

She had a scene-stealing role in the hit comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), then played Mark Wahlberg’s love interest in the underdog football drama Invincible (2006) and fought an alien infestation in James Gunn’s bloody B-movie Slither (2006).

Banks portrayed urologist Dr. Kim Briggs in four seasons of the medical comedy Scrubs (2006–2009), and carved out time to star in the rom-coms Definitely, Maybe (2008) and Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008). She returned to TV with a recurring role on 30 Rock (2010–2012), where she landed in a love triangle with her Mockingjay costar Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin.

The year she debuted as Effie, Banks also starred in the rom-com What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012) and the a capella comedy Pitch Perfect (2012). Banks co-produced the latter, then made her feature directorial debut via the 2015 sequel. She went on to co-produce and star in the film’s third and final installment in 2017.

Between appearances in the Hunger Games sequels, Banks lent her voice to the hit animated film The Lego Movie (2014), then went a more serious route for the biographical film Love & Mercy (2014), playing the real-life wife of the Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson.

After reprising her role as Master Builder Wyldstyle in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, she went behind the camera to direct the reboot of Charlie’s Angels (2019). She returned to the director’s chair for the comedy horror film (inexplicably based on a true story, albeit loosely) Cocaine Bear (2023).

Most recently, Banks voiced a mother duck in the animated film Migration (2023) and appeared in the Apple TV+ movie The Beanie Bubble (2023).

Banks married sports writer and film producer Max Handelman in 2003. The couple has two sons, Felix and Magnus.

Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Victoria Sirakova/Getty </p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Victoria Sirakova/Getty

In The Hunger Games, Willow Shields’ Primrose is a frightened 12-year-old girl. But as the series progresses, we see her grow into an intelligent and fierce young woman. (And you can always count on her moody cat Buttercup to be by her side.)

“Prim really comes into her own in Mockingjay,” Shields told EW in 2014. “Katniss is in such a bad place — falling apart — and Prim is really the one to step up and give her advice. Her strength is subtle, but I think it’s noticeable, and it’s beautiful. The relationship between Prim and Katniss has changed a bit — the roles have been reversed, and Prim is almost taking care of Katniss.”

After the film series ended, Shields appeared on the dance competition show Dancing With the Stars in 2015. While she was eliminated in the seventh week, Shields made history as the youngest contestant at age 14.

Shields starred in the film Woodstock or Bust (2018) and played a figure skater in the series Spinning Out (2020), which Netflix canceled after one season.

Recently, Shields portrayed the lead role in the coming-of-age film When Time Got Louder (2022) and starred in the action film Detective Knight: Independence (2023).

Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Hoda Davaine/Dave Benett/Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Hoda Davaine/Dave Benett/Getty

The charming host of The Hunger Games knows how to put on a show. Stanley Tucci’s Caesar Flickerman is known for his brightly colored hair and always asks the tributes burning questions before the games begin.

Tucci has been a recognizable face for decades, but it was his film Big Night (1996) —  which he co-directed, co-wrote, and starred in — that pushed him to a new level, seeing him act alongside Tony Shalhoub as Italian immigrant brothers who run a restaurant in New Jersey.

Tucci dove into the world of Shakespeare as the mischievous fairy Puck in Michael Hoffman’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999), then went behind the camera for Joe Gould’s Secret (2000), which he also starred in alongside Ian Holm, Susan Sarandon, and Steve Martin. Tucci won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his portrayal of Adolf Eichmann in the TV movie Conspiracy (2001).

As his star continued to rise Tucci played real-life gangster Frank Nitti in Road to Perdition (2002) and a rather rude antagonist in Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal (2004). In 2006, he played charming art director Nigel Kipling in The Devil Wears Prada alongside Meryl Streep and later reunited with her for Julie & Julia (2009) as Paul Child, the real-life husband of Streep’s Julia Child.

Tucci finally landed his first — and, to date, only — Oscar nomination when he portrayed a serial killer in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Lovely Bones (2009). The following year, he played Emma Stone’s goofy father in the comedy Easy A and starred alongside vocal powerhouses Cher and Christina Aguilera in Burlesque.

Without Tucci, Steve Rogers never would have become Captain America. The actor played Abraham Erskine, the scientist who created the Super Soldier Serum in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). That same year, Tucci starred in the Oscar-nominated Wall Street thriller Margin Call (2011).

His continued appearances in each Hunger Games installment were far from his only franchise commitment. In fact, he played two roles in the Transformers series: first as a dangerously ambitious businessman in Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and later as Merlin in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017).

In addition to a recurring voice role on Netflix’s BoJack Horseman (2014–2020), Tucci has recently appeared in films like the Best Picture-winning Spotlight (2015), Final Portrait (2017), and Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast (2017). He portrayed record producer Clive Davis in the biopic Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody and starred in the Amazon Prime series Citadel (2023) alongside Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Food has been an important aspect of Tucci’s life. In 2012, he released his first cookbook, The Tucci Cookbook, followed by The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends in 2014 and his 2021 memoir Taste: My Life Through Food.

In 1995, Tucci married Kate Spath, with whom he had three children: Isabel, Camilla, and Nicolo. Spath died of breast cancer in 2009. Tucci married Felicity Blunt in 2012 after being introduced by her sister, his Devil Wears Prada costar Emily Blunt. The couple have two children together, Matteo and Emilia.

Wes Bentley (Seneca Crane)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Randy Shropshire/Deadline via Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Randy Shropshire/Deadline via Getty

Seneca Crane is the mastermind of the Hunger Games as the Head Gamemaker, and he sports an impressive beard, too. But his life becomes endangered when Katniss and Peeta beat him at his own game.

Early in his career, Wes Bentley famously filmed a floating plastic bag in the Best Picture winner American Beauty (1999). A few years later, he starred alongside Heath Ledger in a big-budget adaptation of The Four Feathers (2002). He played a parking garage stalker in the thriller P2 (2007) and the demon Blackheart in superhero film Ghost Rider (2007).

Bentley’s struggle with addiction influenced his portrayal of Seneca Crane in The Hunger Games. “Seneca’s young and he became very successful young and wildly successful for a minute,” Bentley told EW in 2012. “And I’ve had that experience in my life and it all went to my head as it does for so many of us. I lost touch with reality and I thought everything I did would turn to gold. It is nothing like where I’m at in my life now. I’ve gone through the ringer on a few things. I’ve learned how to be humble and thankful for things that come to me. But it’s fun to jump back into that world in a safe way. I had a blast playing Seneca.”

If you’re a big horror fan, you might recognize Bentley from seasons 4–6 of FX’s American Horror Story. He also landed key supporting roles in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar (2014) and Disney’s remake of Pete’s Dragon (2016), while making a brief appearance in Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) as Julia Meade’s (Michelle Monaghan) new husband. But perhaps his biggest role to date has been Jamie Dutton, adopted son of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton, in the Western TV series Yellowstone (2018–present).

Bentley married Jennifer Quanz in 2001, and the couple divorced in 2009. In 2010, he married producer Jacqui Swedberg. They have two children, Charles and Brooklyn.

Lenny Kravitz (Cinna)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Gregg DeGuire/Billboard via Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Gregg DeGuire/Billboard via Getty

Lenny Kravtiz’s Cinna not only styles Katniss in stunning outfits for the Hunger Games ceremonies, but also guides and supports her as she steps into the unknown. But before Kravitz became known as the franchise’s enchanting designer, he was a world-famous rock star.

In 1989, Kravitz signed with Virgin Records and released his debut album, Let Love Rule. He went on to release 10 subsequent albums and win four Grammys. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with such musical giants as Madonna for “Justify My Love” in 1990 and Mick Jagger for “God Gave Me Everything” in 2001. After a six-year hiatus, he will release his 12th album, Blue Electric Light, on May 24.

Kravitz entered The Simpsons canon in 2002 when he guest starred in the season 14 episode “How I Spent My Strummer Vacation” alongside rock legends Jagger, Keith Richards, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, and Brian Setzer. In 2009, Kravitz took on his first dramatic acting role in Precious (2009), playing a nurse who comforts the title character after her baby is born. In addition to his reprisal of Cinna in Catching Fire, he also had a supporting role in the historical drama The Butler.

In 2015, Kravitz performed at the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show alongside Katy Perry for a duet of Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.” The following year, Kravitz guest starred in the FX series Better Things (2016) as director Mel Trueblood, and later appeared in two episodes of the Fox TV show Star (2016–2017) as rock star Roland Crane.

Kravitz married actress Lisa Bonet in 1987. The pair had their daughter, actress Zoë Kravitz, in 1988 before divorcing in 1993.

Amandla Stenberg (Rue Barnette)

<p>Lionsgate; Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC</p>

Lionsgate; Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC

After Rue helps Katniss escape the Career tributes in The Hunger Games, the pair decides to team up. Amandla Stenberg’s tree-climbing Rue may be young, but she shouldn’t be underestimated.

Following their breakout role in The Hunger Games, Stenberg, who uses she/her and they/them pronouns, starred in four episodes of Sleepy Hollow (2013–2014), voiced a young macaw in Rio 2 (2014), and appeared in the visual album for Beyoncé’s Lemonade (2016).

From there, Stenberg became a go-to star for young adult literary adaptations. They starred in Everything, Everything (2017) as a teenager who is unable to leave her house due to an illness. Next up was the superhero-themed, dystopian thriller The Darkest Minds (2018) and the critically acclaimed The Hate U Give (2018).

Stenberg tried their hand at historical drama as Leyna, a young girl who fights to survive Nazi Germany in the war drama Where Hands Touch (2018). They also starred as André Holland’s daughter in the Netflix miniseries The Eddy (2019).

Stenberg had a major supporting role in the adaptation of the Tony-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen (2021) and headlined a killer cast in A24’s twisted satirical slasher  Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022).

Recently, Stenberg voiced Margo Kess (aka Spider-Byte) in the animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023). They also appeared as a guest judge on season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race (2023).

In addition to acting, Stenberg sings and plays several instruments. They formed the folk duo Honeywater with musician Zander Hawley, releasing EPs in 2015 and 2016. Stenberg works on solo music as well; their song “Let My Baby Stay” was featured on Everything, Everything’s soundtrack. They also co-wrote an original song, “The Anonymous Ones,” for the film version of Dear Evan Hansen.

Donald Sutherland (President Snow)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Stephen Lovekin/Variety/Penske Media via Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Stephen Lovekin/Variety/Penske Media via Getty

No amount of white roses could cover up the scent of blood that clings to President Snow. As the main villain of the series, Donald Sutherland’s Snow tries to intimidate Katniss into silence, but he soon discovers that there’s no extinguishing the girl on fire.

Sutherland has had a legendary career spanning six decades. The Canadian actor broke out in Robert Altman’s Korean War comedy M*A*S*H (1970) as Hawkeye Pierce. The film later spawned a spinoff TV series. That same year, Sutherland appeared in Kelly's Heroes (1970) alongside Clint Eastwood and Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) with Gene Wilder.

From there, Sutherland had a run of classics for the next decade:  the dark thriller Klute (1971) opposite Jane Fonda, as well as Don’t Look Now (1973), 1900 (1976), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), and Animal House (1978). In The Day of the Locust (1975), he played a character named — no joke — Homer Simpson.

Sutherland starred in the Best Picture-winning film Ordinary People (1980) as a father who tries to reconnect with his son after he attempts suicide. He appeared alongside Marlon Brando and Susan Sarandon in the drama A Dry White Season (1989). That same year, Sutherland portrayed a warden who seeks revenge against prisoner Frank Leone (Sylvester Stallone) in Lock Up (1989).

Sutherland took on bloodsucking monsters as Merrick in the original film version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) and reunited with Eastwood in the “old guys in space” drama Space Cowboys (2000). He continued cranking out reliable supporting roles in such varied films as Cold Mountain (2003), The Italian Job (2003), and Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice (2005).

After The Hunger Games film series wrapped in 2015, Sutherland portrayed oil tycoon J. Paul Getty in the FX series Trust (2018) then starred in the HBO psychological thriller miniseries The Undoing (2020) alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. Recently, Sutherland played the title character in Netflix’s Stephen King adaptation, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022).

Sutherland was married to Lois Hardwick from 1959 to 1966. He then wed Canadian actress Shirley Douglas in 1966 and got divorced in 1970. He and Douglas share two children, actor Kiefer and Rachel. Sutherland married his third wife, Francine Racette, in 1972. The couple has three sons, Rossif, Angus, and Roeg.

Alexander Ludwig (Cato)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Derek Leung/Getty</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Derek Leung/Getty

The menacing District 2 tribute was a huge threat to Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games. Training from a young age to compete in the games, Cato enjoyed intimidating his opponents.

Some of Ludwig’s early films include Air Bud: World Pup (2000), The Sandlot: Heading Home (2007), and Race to Witch Mountain (2009). In 2013, he appeared in Grown Ups 2 as the son of David Spade’s character.

Ludwig and the other actors who portrayed the Career tributes found it important to develop a camaraderie. “We thought that added to the sick and twisted-ness of it all, that they’re actually enjoying this. ‘This is fun!’” Ludwig told EW in 2012. “And the reason that it is sick and twisted but at the same time you can understand, is that, that’s all they know. The Careers were brought up to do this. Whereas everyone else is just kind of thrown into this so they know what they’re coming up against.”

Once he was done playing Cato, Ludwig appeared in the biographical war film Lone Survivor (2013), then portrayed Bjorn Ironside in five seasons of the History Channel series Vikings (2014–2020). Strangely enough, he starred in Final Girl (2015) and The Final Girls (2015) in the same year, reuniting with Bentley in the former.

More recently, Ludwig has found his way into ensemble casts of many major theatrical features, including Midway (2019), Bad Boys for Life (2020), and The Covenant (2023) alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. Back on the small screen, the actor played Ace Spade in the wrestling drama series Heels (2021–2023).

Ludwig is also a country musician. He released his self-titled EP in May 2021, and his debut album Highway 99 in August 2022. That same year, Ludwig appeared in Nicki Minaj’s music video for “Super Freaky Girl.”

Ludwig married his wife, Lauren, in 2020. They welcomed their daughter Leni in April 2023.

Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh)

<p>Lionsgate; Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic</p>

Lionsgate; Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

After his breakthrough role as the District 11 tribute Thresh, Dayo Okeniyi appeared in the coming-of-age film The Spectacular Now (2013) with Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller. The following year, the Nigerian-American actor had a role in Endless Love (2014), a remake of the 1981 Brooke Shields hit. Shortly afterward, Okeniyi played Cyberdyne Systems president Danny Dyson in Terminator Genisys (2015).

He portrayed Detective Michael Loman in the NBC crime drama series Shades of Blue (2016–2018). After his run on the show, the actor popped up in the Western action film Emperor (2020) and the comedy Queenpins (2021) alongside Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

Recently, he played the father of NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo in the Disney film Rise (2022), appeared in the horror film Fresh (2022), and in the twisty Ben Affleck thriller Hypnotic (2023). On the TV side, the actor has a voice role in the Disney+ miniseries Iwájú (2024) and landed a supporting part in the sci-fi series Dark Matter (2024–present), starring Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly.

Leven Rambin (Glimmer)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; JC Olivera/FilmMagic</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; JC Olivera/FilmMagic

Leven Rambin’s Glimmer, a Career tribute, went head-to-head with Katniss. Prior to that role, Rambin had spent most of her acting career on the small screen. When she was only 13 years old, Rambin got cast in the ABC soap opera All My Children (2004–2008), landing a pair of Daytime Emmy nominations in the process. She also portrayed Riley Dawson in the Fox series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008–2009).

She kept steady TV roles there, appearing on Grey’s Anatomy (2009–2010), Wizards of Waverly Place (2011), One Tree Hill (2011), and CSI: Miami (2011).

After The Hunger Games, Rambin took on another YA adaptation as the daughter of Ares in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013).

Rambin appeared in season 2 of the hit HBO series True Detective (2015) as the sister of Rachel McAdams’ lead detective character. That same year, she starred in the film I Am Michael (2015), based on the true story of a gay activist who became an anti-gay Christian pastor.

In 2017, Rambin starred in season 2 of the Hulu series The Path, which explores a fictional cult movement. Recently, she appeared in David Fincher’s Mank (2020) and The Forever Purge (2021).

Rambin married actor Jim Parrack in 2015. The couple later split in 2017.

Jack Quaid (Marvel)

<p>Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Chris Willard/Disney</p>

Murray Close/Lionsgate/Courtesy Everett; Chris Willard/Disney

With Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid as his parents, Jack Quaid has acting in his blood. After making his film debut in The Hunger Games, Quaid starred in the short-lived HBO series Vinyl (2016), which Martin Scorsese created alongside Mick Jagger, among others. It may have only lasted one season, but that paved the way for Quaid’s major role in the hit Amazon Prime show The Boys (2019–present). Meanwhile, he began lending his voice to the popular animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020–present).

Quaid has also steadily risen to prominence on the big screen. He had supporting roles in Steven Soderbergh’s NASCAR heist flick Logan Lucky (2017), the slasher comedy Tragedy Girls (2017), and the video game adaptation Rampage (2018) before achieving leading man status in the rom-com Plus One (2019) opposite Maya Erskine. He then popped up in Scream (2022), the fifth film in the franchise. And in one memorable summer, Quaid worked in two blockbuster hits: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Oppenheimer (2023). That year, he also began voicing Clark Kent/Superman in the Adult Swim series, My Adventures with Superman (2023–present).

Quaid is currently dating The Boys costar Claudia Doumit.

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