Hungary's record-breaking ''Teddy Bear Mama''

This is Hungary’s ''Teddy Bear Mama’’

who has collected over 20,000 teddy bears

(SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) TEDDY BEAR COLLECTOR, VALERIA SCHMIDT, SAYING:"Altogether, I have been collecting teddy bears for 40 years. I broke the Hungarian record with 13,000 teddy bears, and then I thought let's try the Guinness record. Lots and lots of people sent me teddy bears and I also kept buying them."

Location: Harsany, Hungary

In normal times, Schmidt enjoys organizing events for children

to play with her collection of furry friends

after she experienced a difficult childhood herself

(SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) TEDDY BEAR COLLECTOR, VALERIA SCHMIDT, SAYING:"Now these teddy bears have made up for all the hunger, all the lack of love, lack of toys and everything. Especially when I see children coming to see my exhibition and I see the joy and happiness in their eyes that gives me a compensation for everything. So, the wounds of my childhood have healed."