Hungarian fencer uses lockdown to do good

This fencing champion volunteered at a COVID ward

Location: Budapest, Hungary

2020 didn’t go as planned for Hungarian fencer Gergely Siklosi

and many Olympics hopefuls like him

When Hungary was forced into lockdown

the 22-year-old took some time off sport

and volunteered at a COVID ward and vaccination center

He also completed basic military training

(SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) FENCER, GERGELY SIKLOSI, SAYING:"One may think I was on track for a good Olympic performance, I had won the World Cup, World Championship and I was certain to go, but I doubt I would have lived up to my own expectations in 2020. It did me good that for a year the training sessions were held in a relaxed way, free of competitions."

Siklosi's coach agrees the extra year served Siklosi well


"Given the choice, we would not have chosen this path. Families, entire nations were pummeled - but if it had to be, we tried to look at the glass half full and develop skills to take us further along."

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