Hungarian craftsman keeps 'egg-shoeing' alive for Easter

This Hungarian artisan is keeping the art of egg-shoeing alive

once considered the ultimate test of skill for a blacksmith

Location: Markaz

(SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) EGG-SHOER, GYULA LASZLO, SAYING: "I have seen old photos of how blacksmiths did this. They used a similar way to fix, but they put the shoe only on one side and the thread was bent on the other side. I thought the bare end of the thread did not look nice therefore I decided to put shoes on both sides and then the egg is a lot more decorative."

Laszlo makes several hundred eggs every year

The best ones go on display in his village

(SOUNDBITE) (Hungarian) EGG-SHOER, GYULA LASZLO, SAYING: "All you need is perseverance, and perhaps a little dexterity."