Hungarian couples compete in wife-carrying race

STORY: This is a Hungarian wife-carrying race

Location: Tabpiobicske, Hungary

Couples say the obstacle course requires

balance, teamwork and a solid carrying technique

PARTICIPANT, ANDRAS TOTH: "I think it is a lot more uncomfortable for my partner because the weight is on my shoulders so it is easy for me to run and I can balance."

JOURNALIST ASKING: "What is your tactic for when your head will go into the water?"

ENIKO DARAZSI: "Just take a deep breath"

About 30 couples faced a deep-water ditch,

hay bales and car tires along the 260-meter-long track

RACE ORGANIZER, GERGO GURALY: "I think the big interest is due to the fact that couples can leave their comfort zone of everyday life. And when a couple completes the race in one unit they are very close to each other, so husband and wife can function as team builders here."

The sport is said to have its roots in the Viking age

In Finland, competitions have taken place since the 1990s

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