Hundreds of tourists stranded on China mountaintop due to poor weather during national holiday

Hundreds of tourists got stranded on a mountaintop during China’s National Day holiday in northern China. Video filmed in the city of Baoji in Shaanxi Province on October 2 shows hundreds of tourists waiting in long queues in strong winds to enter the entrance for cable cars to go down the mountain. Due to the strong winds and fogs, the cable cars slowed down for tourists' safety. So the tourists had to wait in the strong winds for over two hours to board the cable cars. According to the Mount Taibai Scenic Area, they had provided hot tea and coats for tourists and sent them down the mountain in a safe way. Over 8,000 tourists visited the scenic area on October 2 which has reached its maximum capacity, so the scenic area had stopped selling tickets at around 12:30 pm. The video was provided by local media with permission.

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