Hundreds of Sheep Take Over Main Street in Western Nevada Town

Hundreds of sheep were herded through downtown Dayton, Nevada, early on May 29, footage shows.

Video recorded by Katie Ranae Roth shows a band of 1,500 lambs and ewes from Borda Ranch trampling along Main Street, in an annual drive to their summer grazing territory.

According to a post on the Borda Ranch Facebook page, this practice “started back in the 1860s.”

“You can hear them coming before you can see them,” Roth told Storyful about her initial reaction to the oncoming herd. “Before you know it, historical Main Street is filled with sheep, sheep dogs, and ranch handlers guiding the sheep down the street with ease.”

The herd will return from the Pine Nut Mountains in September, according to the ranch. Credit: Katie Ranae Roth via Storyful

Video transcript


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