Hundreds of Meals Delivered to Stranded Truckers Waiting in Line for Dover Reopening

A charity delivered 800 meals on December 22 to truck drivers who were stranded on the M20 motorway near Dover, England, due to the border closure between the UK and France.

More than 1,000 HGVs were parked in Kent, filling laybys and roadsides, as well as the 4,000-capacity airport site in Manston, local media reported.

Khalsa Aid and Gravesend Gurdwara sprung into action on Tuesday as part of a collective effort with local authorities, including Kent Police and Kent County Council, Khalsa CEO Ravinder Singh said on Twitter.

Video shows deliveries being made by the aid volunteers to drivers, with Singh saying: “The coastguard, the highway agency and the police are working together. And the Khalsa volunteers have been out all day. We’re thankful to the Sikh temple in Gurdwara for assisting and making these meals.” Credit: Khalsa Aid via Storyful