Hundreds of injured parrots rescued by police and and bird lovers after Cyclone Tauktae

Following the devastating Cyclone Tauktae in western India, hundreds of animal lovers have come forward to help find injured birds affected by the high winds. In the city of Amreli, Gujarat, around 700 parrots were rescued by local area police and bird lovers, though sadly hundreds of parrots are believed to have died in the area. According to the filmer, thousand of parrots normally gather at the Sardar circle area daily, but on May 18, local police and bird lovers noticed many trees uprooted by the passing cyclone. Hundreds of parrots were found lying there, some dead, some lying injured, and many parrots left shivering due to high winds. The birds were rescued and kept in a nearby temple and police station, where they treated the parrots and gave them food and water. That evening when their situation improved they were released back into the wild. Cyclone Tauktae had a devastating effect on infrastructure and people in Gujarat, with more than 40 people are confirmed dead due to Cyclone Tauktae related incidents.

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