Hundreds of boats line up on Lake Geneva in border art project

Vessels from yachts to rowboats took part in the event, for which more than 270 vessels signed up.

The project was envisioned by Lausanne architect student Bastian Marzoli as a collective performance to reflect on the nature of the frontier, drawn in 1963.

During the experiment, he was perched at the top of a vineyard where he could see his "Brief Alignment" come to life.

"In general, this border is being forgotten and so much the better. And as it is part of the Lake, it is becoming a place where both coasts can meet", he told Reuters.

"I prefer to see this performance like a game with this line. Because in the end, what we show here is the nonsense of this border. The fact that one wants to draw a line in an environment such as a Lake, doesn't really have a 'raison d'être'", he added.

Eighty of the 270 boats were French, Marzoli said.

"If there were only Swiss sailors or only French sailors, the project would not have said the same thing. I think the fact that the two coasts met at this meeting spot at the centre of the Lake, this is what makes the strength of the project".

On May 19, the project will be presented during an exhibition at the House of Architecture in Geneva.