Hun Haqeem to go on hiatus for the rest of 2023



4 Sep – TV heartthrob Hun Haqeem recently revealed that he will be taking a break from work throughout 2023 in order to have a full rest following his recent injury.

The "Nenek Bongkok Tiga" actor, who tore his ACL at his knee recently, stated that his doctor has advised him to take a six-month break to fully heal.

"I will start working again in 2024. I need proper recovery because if I was to receive offers for action dramas, I want to be able to give it my all," he said.

Nonetheless, Hun stated that one should not just take a break to heal from an injury, and that a full rest is important to everybody.

"The same goes with people who work at the office. They also need to take a break in order to come back and perform better at work," he added.

It is noted that Hun sustained the injury while filming the Malaysian adaptation of the Korean drama, "W: Two Worlds".


Hun Haqeem plays Aliff in 'W: Two Worlds'
Hun Haqeem plays Aliff in 'W: Two Worlds'


(Photo Source: Hun Haqeem IG)