Humza Yousaf meets group of Arab ambassadors in London

Scotland’s First Minister has had a meeting with the Council of Arab Ambassadors during a visit to London.

Ahead of a speech on the economy in the UK capital on Tuesday, Humza Yousaf was invited to sit down with representatives from countries from across the Arab world, including Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and the Palestinian territories.

In the session on Monday evening, the First Minister discussed Scotland’s commitment to promoting human rights and reiterated calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, while also touting the country’s “economic potential”.

The meeting also discussed Scotland’s renewables industries, tourism and universities.

“This evening, the First Minister attended a roundtable discussion, on invitation, with the Council of Arab Ambassadors in London,” a spokesman for the First Minister said.

“The First Minister delivered opening remarks which focused on Scotland’s economic potential, specifically with regards to renewable energy, our world-renowned education institutes that welcome international students from across the globe, and Scotland’s growing tourism industry.

“The First Minister also outlined Scotland’s role in the world as a global citizen – citing the Scottish Government’s unwavering commitment to promoting human rights, tackling inequality, and our calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.”