Has humanity failed the Palestinians?

Has humanity failed the Palestinians?
"Has humanity failed the Palestinians?"

It is most heart-wrenching to witness the carnage perpetrated by Israel in Palestine, especially in Gaza and Rafah, with bodies of children strewn among the rubble and in drains, whole families decimated, children, infants and mothers starved to death.

The incessant barrage of American-supplied bombs, tanks, and other ordnances destroyed residential buildings and massacred civilians while the world stood in silence, watching the genocide of the Palestinian people as if it were a Netflix streaming series.

The US, Britain, and the European Union are complicit in causing this human catastrophe, which is unparalleled in the history of the so-called civilized world.

America has always been a lawless country, from the time of the Wild West, when it carried out genocide on the indigenous American Indians, wiping them out, and leaving the remnants incarcerated in reservations.

Its institution of slavery had separate laws for whites and blacks, but the slaves had no rights whatsoever and were treated like animals, just like the Palestinians, by America and Israel.

It was only in the 1960s that the equal rights movement gained some traction for the African American. But even now, African Americans are second-class citizens.

This state appears bereft of moral conscience and would threaten to invade countries that do not bow to its tyrannical hegemonic agenda.

This lawlessness is exemplified by a group of 10 Republican senators, who wrote a letter to the International Criminal Court, threatening action if it issued arrest warrants against top Israeli officials for the war crimes they committed. And that the United States government would impose sanctions on the ICC if it did.

At the same, the Joe Biden administration and the Democrats are also pressuring the ICC not to prosecute the Israeli leaders responsible for these massacres.

This clearly demonstrates the lawlessness and contempt for justice and the rule of law of America that hypocritically proclaims itself as the vanguard and custodian of democracy and human rights.

To further cement this disregard for the rule of law and human lives, US Senator Lindsay Graham, advocated the use of nuclear weapons to obliterate Palestine and its people. This, on top of the fact that Republican senators recently passed a bill to send billions of dollars’ worth of armaments to Israel to continue the massacre the Palestinian people.

All their rhetoric of ceasefire, minimising civilian casualties, allowing aid to pass through, and stopping shipments of bombs, are nothing more than a smoke screen to allow Israel to continue with its genocide.

But the greatest condemnation must be reserved for the Arab nations, that are abetting Israel and America by remaining silent, and issuing meaningless rhetoric. The meetings of Arab and Islamic nations in Riyadh, Qatar, and other places are mere PR exercises, and nothing more. They will not use their economic and oil power as leverage against America and Israel.

The United Nations, The International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court, are toothless and have been cowed by America, undermining other efforts for peace in Palestine.

The world stands arraigned by its inaction, witnessing the human catastrophe perpetrated with impunity by Israel and its allies. At this juncture, Palestinians can only hope for divine intervention, for humanity appears to have all but abandoned them.

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