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Human-size dog beds are a thing — seriously! — and you can get one on Amazon

Snuggles ahead! (Photo: Amazon)
Perfect if you're 'in the doghouse' with your spouse, have to accommodate your least-favorite houseguest, or just like to snuggling with your best friend. (Photo: Amazon)

Your dog probably loves sleeping on your bed — ever wish you could sleep in his? Alas, unless Charlie is an extra-large Great Dane, that's probably not logistically possible (especially if you want to leave room for him too). No need to evict your pal from his second-favorite place in the home: Amazon has dog beds big enough for the both of you. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. They're just as plush as his beloved doggy bed, equally soft, and so comfortable you might both just have a new favorite nap spot.

Quick overview
This faux fur-lined bed is perfectly soft and squishy, comes in three colors and even includes a matching blanket.
$200 at Amazon
This made-in-the-U.S. bed has a four-inch memory foam and gel mattress, and the cover is fully machine-washable.
$180 at Amazon
This fluffy number has a hidden pocket for your phone, a book, TV remote, or a secret stash of treats — for you or the pup.
$220 at Amazon
This bed has a raised rim, which makes it the ideal snuggling spot for a particularly wriggly pup (and you, of course).
$181 at Amazon
This people-sized dog bed is a celebrity — it's been featured on 'Shark Tank' and 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.' It's also named after the sound your pooch makes when it sneezes...we assume.
$299 at Amazon

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