Hulu and Disney Plus Are Launching a Joint Streaming App

Last month, Disney announced that it would be purchasing Comcast’s one-third stake in Hulu before the end of the year. Following the deal, Disney would become the sole owner of the streaming platform.

Disney has already begun ideating ways to carry over some of Hulu’s content onto its own platform. Disney already operates its own streamer, Disney Plus, and will be offering select Hulu content in the Disney Plus library.

During its latest earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors that the company would be rolling out a new app that merges Disney Plus and Hulu’s content. While the standalone apps would still exist, the new app would act as a one-stop-shop for both content libraries. Parents would be able to create profiles for their children and implement settings for age-appropriate content.

Iger said that a beta version of the app will roll out to subscribers of the Disney Plus and Hulu bundle package in December. The complete version of the app, however, isn’t expected to launch until 2025.

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