Hugs, tears as families reunite after COVID-19 separation

Thirty five seniors living across South Florida flew from Fort Lauderdale to Newark and took a ride to the New Jersey's arena to see their close ones in-person first time in a long time for many.

"It's fantastic," said Florida resident Frances Crucet, who came to visit her daughter, Nicole Cueto, who resides in New York. "It's a gift, really, especially for us mothers to see our daughters who live here and we're in South Florida. So, to be able to come up here and just have this wonderful, you know, get together is really just amazing."

Actor, Neil Patrick Harris, guided the experience at the MetLife Stadium that also included a lunch, live Broadway musical, and photo booths.

The event was organized by the Clear App, used in airports, now trying to make its in-ways into becoming a vaccine and COVID-19 test passport.