Hugh Hewitt calls on ‘erratic and infirm’ Biden to resign

Hugh Hewitt calls on ‘erratic and infirm’ Biden to resign

Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt is calling on President Biden to resign, claiming he is too “erratic” and “infirm” to carry out his duties.

“We have known for some time that the president is infirm, but infirmity goes to physical capacity. He moves stiffly. He tires. Public events are rare and always fraught,” Hewitt wrote of Biden in an op-ed for this week. “The president is now also revealed as impaired. He cannot remember basic facts. He cannot deliver even the simplest line.”

“Reports of his angry temper and his profanity are consistent, if not with dementia, then certainly with an ability to weigh and judge important matters with a calm and coherent mind,” he added.

Biden is facing ballooning questions about his mental acuity and fitness for office following a damning report from special counsel Robert Hur that outlined instances in which the president struggled to recall major moments in his personal and political life.

Biden has argued his memory is “fine” and brushed aside concerns about his age, saying during a contentious press conference with reporters last week he is still the most qualified person to serve as president.

The president’s allies meanwhile over the weekend defended his mental prowess, characterizing Biden as “probing” and “intense” during private meetings and insisting he is competent enough to serve another four years in office.

Hewitt, a longtime conservative pundit, disagrees.

“We have such a bad government now, with a crisis on the southern border, a failed splurge of trillions on Bidenomics which unleashed inflation that torments everyone who buys gas and groceries, and of course Americans under attack across the Middle East by Iran’s fanatics, fanatics who do not fear Biden,” he wrote. “Israel has now begun to glimpse what an erratic and infirm president means and it’s a warning to us as well.”

“Please, whomever the president listens to, speak candidly to him. It is time for him to go, before another crisis arrives, one which he is simply not capable of handling,” Hewitt added.

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