Huge smoke clouds as Fire burns at least 300 acres in US state of Utah

The footage, filmed from a car on September 10, shows a huge wildfire burning in the US state of Utah. The blaze was caused by lightning in the wetlands west of Kaysville and Farmington near Farmington Bay, and burned an estimated 300 acres. According to the person who captured the video, "it rained for maybe five minutes but there was a lot of thunder. Lightning struck dry grass and phragmites in a local bird refuge west of Kaysville and Farmington. Due to the difficult to navigate terrain of the bird refuge and phragmites being such an invasive weed, they let the fire burn for quite a while". According to official reports, the blaze damaged the power lines. At least 7,000 people were left without power in parts of Davis County. This video was taken while driving southbound on the Interstate 15 (I-15) at around 5.35 pm.

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