Huge python slithers out of bathroom window across balcony as shocked Thai family watch on

This is the terrifying moment a family found a 14ft long python slithering out of their bathroom window.

The enormous reptile emerged from the small vent in the corner of the room and moved across the balcony in Bangkok, Thailand.

Shocked resident, Narin, recorded the reptile as it then slithered down the side of the apartment block from the fourth floor to the second.

Firemen were called and captured the serpent as it rampaged through one of the rooms. It was dragged outside into the street below, where the team measured it.

Narin, a food delivery rider, said: ''I opened the bathroom door and it was right there, a massive python.

''It was lucky that there were no people in the bathroom or it could have attacked them. The snake went down from the fourth floor from the second floor before firemen came to catch it.''

Bangkok is believed to have more than a million pythons living in its sewers, canals, alleyways and undergrowth. Fireman catch more than 100,000 wild snakes each year in the city.