A huge number of companies still think they're missing out on AI

 A digital face in profile against a digital background.
A digital face in profile against a digital background.

A large number of business leaders are concerned that their company is missing out on the transformational benefits that have become possible with generative AI, according to a new report by Salesforce.

The study of 600 UK technical and business leaders found that almost nine in 10 (89%) see data management as a higher priority now that they are faced with beneficial AI technologies.

Poor housekeeping looks to be to blame for a growing disparity between companies that are and aren’t using AI, with many simply unable to take on the productivity aids because of poor legacy solutions.

Generative AI is only good if your business is ready for it

Companies aren’t short of data, and many business leaders agreed that their data could help them to take on future security threats, however workers are increasingly overwhelmed by a sea of data that only automation and AI can filter with any measurable speed and success.

Salesforce Chief Data Officer Wendy Batchelder said: “The AI revolution is actually a data revolution, and a company’s AI strategy is only as strong as its data strategy, with trust at its core.”

Salesforce is a company that’s gone in big on generative AI and has deployed numerous tools across its businesses, including its own Einstein GPT technology, over the past months.

The study found that 81% of IT leaders are investing in more data analysis tools, and a further 75% in training, indicating a clear appetite for generative AI.

Improving data quality remains a priority for IT leaders in the runup to an AI overhaul, where preparation is key.

Batchelder added: “Managing data is the most important action a business can take to successfully implement generative AI. To effectively manage data, leaders must use data governance strategically and invest in a strong culture now more than ever.”

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