Huge monitor lizard caught after breaking into deserted hotel in Thailand

A huge monitor lizard was caught after roaming through a deserted hotel.

Security guards heard the reptile rummage though a toilet on the ground floor of the building in Phitsanulok, northern Thailand on April 27.

They believed it had ventured into the building, which was closed due to the coronavirus, to escape a flash flood that occurred the earlier night.

Rescue workers arrived and worked with the security guards to drag the 5ft long serpent out of the bathroom by using a stick to poke it.

But that startled the monitor lizard and caused it to run to hide behind vases where it was stuck next to the fence.

The rescue team eventually wrestled the beast - estimated to weigh around 100lbs - before tying it down and carrying it onto a waiting car to be driven away back to a nearby lake.

The exhausted rescuer worker said that it was the biggest monitor lizard he and his team had ever encountered.

He said: "We have never faced this size of monitor lizard before. It was so big and heavy that it required three men just to carry it to the truck."