Huge Line Seen Outside London Food Bank That's 'Under the Most Pressure It's Ever Been'

A video shows “500 people” lining up for a food bank in Elephant and Castle, London, on May 19, according to the uploader.

The video, filmed by Dads House founder Billy McGranaghan at Elephant and Castle Shopping centre, shows people in a large line stretching from the entrance of the shopping center all the way to the entrance to the food bank, with the uploader saying the queue stretches further, to New Kent Road.

Speaking to Storyful, McGranaghan said: “We are under the most pressure I have ever been to keep organizing the food volunteers and to have enough food for all the families.”

The UK hunger-prevention charity the Trussell Trust reported an 81 percent increase in demand for emergency food parcels from food banks during the last two weeks of March 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, and said that amounted to 6,250 food parcels every day in their network.

Dads House was set up in 2008 by McGranaghan to help single dads with the practicalities of raising their children alone. Credit: Billy McGranaghan via Storyful